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Bright Star

Did you see Jane Campion’s beautiful film Bright Star last year about the romance between poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne? It is now out on DVD and well worth a watch. I particularly enjoyed a short exchange between the … Continue reading

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Grace in the silence

Are we reigning in life? Sometimes when I ask myself this question I definitely get the feeling inside that I am not! When I analyse it, very often that’s all it is – a feeling, a thought – usually negative. … Continue reading

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Silence in the media!

I’ve been keeping an eye on a BBC link for a while now, and notice they have finally put up a trailer for a new series coming this Autumn 2010. If you are interest you could save this link somewhere, … Continue reading

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The Interior Life (part 1)

Many Christians experience their conversion or surrender to Christ as a kind of ‘coming home’ experience. The joy of being united with Christ is sublime. However because we are living every day in the present physical world, we all know … Continue reading

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Living Reservoirs

A week and a half ago I was standing looking over Venford Reservoir on Dartmoor. As I surveyed the beautiful scene I was reminded of a comment made by Jean-Baptiste Chautard (a Cistercian abbot who died around 1935) in Soul … Continue reading

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