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On the way out of a Julian meeting here in Southampton recently, I was told of a wonderful speech that the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams made to the Synod of Bishops in Rome last October. I don’t … Continue reading

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Did you know

“…Christmas is the time when the UK will spend £20bn with most of that in new consumer debt. About £1.6bn of this will be spent on food and drink alone. We will cook over 10m turkeys, at an estimated cost … Continue reading

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Nikola, a special jubilee

It is with great pleasure that I blog on this special day, the 15 December 2012 to celebrate our family’s second daughter, and third child, Nikola, who was born this day 35 years ago. Sadly she was to die 50 … Continue reading

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Gold In The City update

We are changing the weekly evening teaching/practice meeting for Gold In The City. This will now take place every Thursday evening at 7.30pm prompt.  This will then coincide with the Julian Meetings which take place every second Thursday at the … Continue reading

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Great First Meeting

Hi, just a thank you to those to came to the first “Gold In The City” Friday meeting, this evening. It was a great and historic beginning. Thank you for all your contributions. I don’t think I have ever been … Continue reading

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The Importance of NOW

Most of us have been taught that the mind is supreme; that my identity, my ‘I am-ness’, my very sense of existence, is caught up with that fact that I can think (remember ‘Je pense donc je suis’? Written by … Continue reading

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The ‘arch’ has gone!

I want to mark a beautiful event. Yesterday (7 October 2010) Desmond Tutu retired from public life. It was his 79th birthday, and he is now embarking on a world cruise with his wife – how precious and well deserved. … Continue reading

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A discipline

I have refined my contemplative prayer discipline over a number of years, and continue to do so. Like physical exercise, it’s good to have some variation but there is always a common goal. My simple goal is to come to … Continue reading

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More BBC…

I have just been listening to an interesting radio four programme that speaks of the advantages of ‘the retreat’ and well worth a ‘listen again’. It’s the second article in Sandi Toksvig’s programme, Excess Baggage and is approximately 9min 30secs … Continue reading

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Grace in the silence

Are we reigning in life? Sometimes when I ask myself this question I definitely get the feeling inside that I am not! When I analyse it, very often that’s all it is – a feeling, a thought – usually negative. … Continue reading

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