Giving up Christianity

It seems interesting timing that on the day that I publish this blog, and in the process declare my allegiance to following Christ’s way, I should read that the bestselling author Anne Rice has reached a decision to renounce Christianity (although not Christ). In an interesting article Michael Rowe tries to put this decision into context and I’m sure many people will echo his words:

“On one hand, her announcement is a profoundly courageous personal declaration of spiritual intent. On another hand, it’s a wakeup call to believers who sit by while unimaginable evils occur in the name of Jesus and say nothing other besides defensively whining that “all Christians aren’t like that,” or that the person reacting in grief and outrage is simply “persecuting Christians” because he’s a “nonbeliever” (whether he’s a nonbeliever or not.)

On yet another hand, it’s a rallying cry for any of us who have held onto our faith by bloody tendons, only to feel the agony when it finally snaps and breaks on the rack that contemporary, virulently politicized Christianity has become.” (see link)

For me it highlights the tragedy that in pursuing God we find it so hard to ‘let go’ of form, and dogmatic ways of thinking, preferring to ‘grasp’ after our interpretation of the message, our world view or revelation. Maybe it’s the mind battling not to relinquish its dominant role? Beyond thinking and beyond the mind we can let go into the silence that is God. This ‘letting go’ provides a space for us to hear God speaking his creative, eventing prophetic word (St John of the Cross, said something about silence being God’s first language).

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