Grace in the silence

Are we reigning in life? Sometimes when I ask myself this question I definitely get the feeling inside that I am not! When I analyse it, very often that’s all it is – a feeling, a thought – usually negative. I have learnt that mostly the issue boils down to what we ‘see’, or don’t see (Luke 11:34).

The apostle Paul is very clear that reigning in life has nothing to do with thoughts or feelings, doing more, struggling to do better, or lots of effort. In fact it is the total opposite. His view is, ‘…how much more those who receive the abundance of grace, and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ’. The secret to reigning in life is all about receiving – strangely counter-intuitive to the many of us struggling with a legacy of the Western Christian work ethic.

Relating this to dam building (and the interior life), I suggest we must beware of ‘seeing’ it as a lot of hard work, or in fact more of anything (and that includes thinking I must pray harder for longer, or getting guilt-ridden if I’ve missed my prayer time, etc). It’s all about grace. Think smarter, if at all, and look out for the counter-intuitive. Q: what stops us receiving?

As far as reservoir maintenance is concerned it may be as simple as unblocking the source of the inflow. That well spring of love is alway flowing, but sometimes it just gets clogged up with bike wheels, car tyres, and old discarded rubbish. Q: What are the blockages we need to remove from our lives in order for this interior life to blossom?

Let this inner life flow. It started with us being motivated, lovingly drawn, wooed like a lover after this most amazing Love we had very encountered in our lives (see Song of Songs). No effort, let go, let it be, let it flow.

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