I don’t know if I’m inventing a new word – I’ve always had a habit of doing that, as close friends will know! However three or four years ago I spoke out the word/idea of being ‘heartful’ – and the idea of ‘heartfulness’ was birthed in me – ie. coming from the heart in all things, listening to the wisdom of the heart, allowing my heart to ‘speak’ rather than my mind. This seed has had time to incubate and grow inside my heart. It is now emerging as a beautiful strong tree to shade my life’s values.

I believe that dropping from the head into the heart (which has been such an intuitive thing for me to do in my meditation practice) provides a moment to tap into our emotional intelligence – some are now even calling it heart intelligence. I like the idea of heart intelligence. Listening out for that intelligence and acting upon it, I believe will takes us all to the next level of our personal growth.

And I’m sure we are all going to be hearing a lot more about ‘heartfulness’ in the coming years. It’s what being naturally human is all about.

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