Log lesson

Earlier this week I went off to the forest for a walk. I was so impressed with the stillness and beauty of the surroundings I decided to spend 20 mins in centering  prayer. As I went inwards, sitting on a log (left in pic), I became conscious that I was sharing the moment with a group of about a dozen flies. Periodically, and for no apparent reason, they just flew into the air and landed back down again in the same place.

The problem was their corporate wing noise was really loud and disturbing my silence. I even found a stick and gentle waved it in their direction, hoping they would move on. But they just ignored me and kept buzzing. As I watched my internal reaction I was gently reminded by the Holy Spirit that I was in danger of acting like the local park bully, who goes across and steals the ball from the little ones. In the silence I became aware of my complete insensitivity to the lovely game these flies were playing. They had been here long before I had arrived! It was their playground. What right had I to turn up and demand they should move on so I could sit in the external silence – how arrogant of me. Having heard God speak to my pride once again, I humbled myself, said thank you to the flies and carried on praying, consenting to the interior silence – in total acceptance of their joyful game.

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